Pasta Ferrara


The passion for pasta making was actually born within the Lombardi family, from the motherly side of the industrial dynasty of Ferrara family. Pellegrino Lombardi used his expertise to mix the company’s financial purposes with his passion for research and innovation.

Many industrial inventions are of his property and they are properly patented. They were a shock at that time as they revolutionized the production and drying methods which contributed to the technological improvement of the whole pasta sector and represented a remarkable boost to the traditional dry pasta making production system.

His innovations – just to mention the rotary machine for the continuous wrapping and the horizontal drying machine for pasta – turned the company from a handicraft business into a big industrial estate. At the beginning of the last century the company installed its own patented innovative machinery and adopted original process methodologies.

In 1957 Guido Ferrara had his own production plant. His passion, his commitment and his love for this job pushed him to move the to the new plant in San Paolo Belsito in the province of Naples, where he started a high quality manufacture and he collected the results of an excellent company management: the business and his customers’ satisfaction was constantly growing. Commendably pursuing his grandfather’s aims, Guido Ferrara brought new technological innovations to the pasta production process, acknowledged and applied still today by the same producers of industrial machinery for pasta factories.

He is indeed the inventor of the high temperature drying process, a method that remarkably increases the quality standards.

In 1990 Guido Ferrara, together with his son Luca, established a new and technologically advanced industrial complex in the area of Nola. In 2003 he gave him the leadership of the whole company. At the moment Mr Luca Ferrara is the general manager of the pasta factory, which steadily stands among the international leaders for this field.

In a highly competitive market, the pasta factory Guido Ferrara stands out for its natural products and the respect for tradition, together with the highest technological evolution possible. The company has a constantly growing market share, especially abroad and it produces its own pasta brand “Ferrara” or private labels for other companies and large-scale distributors. The produced pasta is shipped to Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Africa, Asia and Australia.