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The company, founded in 1883 has been an excellence over the time due to the quality of its pasta, to the managerial seriousness and the high technical expertise of Ferrara family.

Its patented inventions and its brilliant intuitions, applied to the factory plants and made public to all the concerned people, gave a big contribution to the industrial development of the pasta sector.

During its centuries-long activity the company has changed many different locations because of the constant production growth. The ancient artisan pasta factory in Cimitile became an industrial factory in San Paolo Belsito and then the industrial pole of today in Nola, all the three in the province of Naples.

Pastificio Ferrara meets the highest national and international quality standards, guaranteed by careful checks carried out during all the phases of the manufacture process, starting from the analysis of the raw materials to end up with the cooking tests of the classic pasta dish.

Pasta Ferrara

The factory

Located in the industrial area of Nola, close to Naples, it is aggregate with the CIS and the Interporto di Nola and it is directly connected to the highway and to all the main transport routes. It occupies a total area of 10.000 square meters covering 35.000 of them. The factory was built with the currently most innovative building construction techniques, with high standards of hygiene and safety.

The management is ethically, socially and ecologically responsible according to the rigorous criteria of an environmental management system integrated with the quality and food safety system. This is the inspiring philosophy of the company which is strongly anchored to traditions and it looks at the future with the awareness of contributing to a sustainable development and to an improvement of the quality of life.