The Ferrara family have been making pasta for over a century, their story began during the nineteenth century with a mill and pasta workshop in the Agro-Nola area, on the plain to the east of the city of Naples.

In fact, the love for pasta making was handed down from the Lombardi family, ancestors on the maternal side of the Ferrara family. Pellegrino Lombardi knew how to combine a canny business sense with a passion for research and innovation.
His numerous patented inventions, were very much cutting edge at the time, revolutionised the production and drying methods in the pasta industry, these contributed to the technological development of the business sector and were at the centre of the transformation of the traditional system of making dried pasta.
We only have to mention the rotary packaging machine and the flat pasta dryer, these innovations guided the company single-handedly into the industrial age.
At the beginning of last century the company began to install innovative and patented machines and also began to adopt original production methods and processes. In 1957, Guido Ferrara, driven by a love for his work and his sense of dedication, decided to move the business to a new location in San Paolo Belsito in the province of Naples, here he began to implement high-quality production methods and efficient management techniques, which contributed to the increasing satisfaction of the customers.
Guido Ferrara followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, adding more technological innovations to the production process, they are still recognised and applied today by pasta machine manufacturers. In fact, he came up with the idea of drying pasta at a high temperature, a method which contributed significantly to the improvement in quality standards in the industry.
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The ancient art of pasta making and the spirit of innovation are handed down through the generations, who in turn make their own contribution to this rich heritage.

Storia del Pastificio Guido Ferrara

In 1990, Guido and his son Luca, opened a new factory located in the ultra-modern Nola Industrial Estate. In 2003, Guido handed over the reins of the entire operation to his son. Currently, Luca is the sole director of Pastificio Ferrara, a business which has established itself as a leader in its field. In an increasingly competitive market, Pastificio Guido Ferrara stands out for the natural aspects of its products and its respect for tradition, which it combines with significant technological development.
The company has an increasing market share both in Italy and abroad, producing pasta under its own brand, “Pasta Ferrara” and for third parties, that is to say pasta for other manufacturers or for supermarket own-brand labels. Its products can be found on shelves in Italy, the U.K., Germany, the U.S, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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