Pasta Ferrara

tirasugo e 5 5

Pasitifcio Ferrara produces around 150 different types of pasta, some of these are sold for using our own “Pasta Ferrara” brand and some are produced for other manufacturers and supermarket own-brand labels. “Pasta Ferrara” boast 5 patented and original pasta varieties including: Tirasugo, Siamesi, Di 5 in 5, Bucatini elicoidali and Pietre del Vesuvio. Our brand is distributed in Italy and abroad, it is available in supermarket chains, hypermarkets and is also popular at the top end of the catering sector.

We exclusively use specially selected durum wheat, which is added to water from a closely monitored and safe source, in order to ensure the highest qualities in the pasta. The innovative production systems, the completely automatic production process and the tireless dedication of the men and women involved have resulted in the award of seven international quality certificates.

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