The honorary title of “Poet Laureate of Pasta” was conferred on Guido Ferrara by the members of the Unione Industriale di Napoli (Industrial Association of Naples), in recognition of the great merit for having combined the handicraft passion of making pasta with the most innovative technologies of utmost industrial origin, improving the quality of the end product.

The art of pasta making, one of the most important and profitable activities in the Campania Region, is rooted for the Ferrara family in over a century of tradition.

By combining two of the most precious gifts of nature: wheat and water, and by means of a technologically advanced production process which at the same time conserves the original and traditional characteristics of the trade, you obtain the most Italian of foodstuffs, an item which is admired the world over, with its intense flavour, delicate aroma and its warm golden colour: “ La Pasta Ferrara ” pleasure at its purest.


The selected durum wheat grain is stored in 14 silos at the factory site.

Subsequently, the grain, which has been analysed and deemed fit for use, is placed into the kneading machine and an appropriate amount of water is added. The pasta dough is obtained in this manner, and it is subsequently processed to obtain different types of pasta.

The process is rather more delicate when it comes to the “drying” phase. The success of this procedure determines the main physical and chemical characteristics of the end product; in other words the taste and the goodness of the pasta.

The production process continues with the packaging phase, where the pasta is placed in single packages which are in turn placed in cardboard boxes with the help of a bundling machine.

The boxes are then placed on pallets and subsequently moved to the automatic stores by LGVs, where they are ready for delivery to anywhere in the world.

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